Umberto Eco about Internet

From Internet to Gutenberg 1996
A lecture presented by Umberto Eco
Columbia University, The Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in America

November 12, 1996

According to Umberto Eco the computer made us to return to a Gutenberg Galaxy. People who spend their night implementing an unending Internet conversation are principally dealing with words. If the TV screen can be considered a sort of ideal window through which one watches the whole world under the form of images, the computer screen is an ideal book on which one reads about the world in form of words and pages.The classical computer provided a linear sort of written communication. The screen was displaying written lines. It was like a fast-reading book. But now there are hypertexts. In a book one had to read from left to right (or right to left, or up to down, according to different cultures) in a linear way.


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