The brief history of social media

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Social media are Internet sites where people interact freely, sharing and discussing information about each other and their lives, using a multimedia mix of personal words, pictures, videos and audio. 


YouTube topped one billion monthly users with 4 billion views per day, and launched paid channels to provide

content creators with a means of earning revenue. 

Facebook user total climbed to 1.11 billion. 

Twitter had 500 million registered users, with more than 200 million active. 

Apple’s customers have downloaded over 50 billion apps and the company again improved iTunes, even as iPads were revolutionizing social games. 

Yahoo purchased Tumblr blogging-social media network, with 170 million users and 100 million blogs. 

Flickr had 87 million users and stored 8 billion photos, while Instagram had 100 million users storing 4 billion photos. 

LinkedIn had 225 million users, while MySpace had 25 million users. 

Pinterest had 48.7 million users, while WordPress hosted 74 million blogs. 

Dropbox had more than 100 million users with 1 billion files uploaded daily. 

Google+ had 343 million users. 

Reddit had 69.9 million monthly users, with 4.8 billion monthly page views. 


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