Communication knowledge-basic


One thought on “Communication knowledge-basic

  1. KM communication
    One the most remarkable things that increase productivity and efficiency of institutions is the knowledge, communication and content management.
    Knowledge and content management is a communications strategic tools in the new information age. If we want to have more effective and coordinated communications in ours companies we must develop a new communication techniques for managing and synchronizing information flows within and out of organization. The communication content must be related to organization mission, strategic vision and goals, CEO decisions making process, and professional competence of the employees.
    Knowledge Management seeks to make the best use of the knowledge that is available to an organization, creating new knowledge in the process. According WWW Virtual Library on Knowledge Management
    “KM refers to the critical issues of organizational adaptation, survival, and competence in face of increasingly discontinuous environmental change. Essentially, it embodies organizational processes that seek synergistic combination of data and information processing capacity of information technologies, and the creative and innovative capacity of human beings.”

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